Netzwerk Wissenschaftsmanagement

The network engages in the professionalization and public recognition of young experts working in the field of science management at universities and non-university research institutions. It provides a platform for networking, organizes a large annual convention, and co-operates with a wide range of individual as well as institutional partners. Its regional groups and expert working groups pursue various activities – ranging from peer-to-peer trainings and field trips to political lobbying.

In Germany, the occupational profile for science managers has yet to be firmly established. Indeed, universities and non-university research institutions are gradually paying more attention to professionalization in areas such as administration, human resources development and controlling. However, there is still a lack of a common self-conception of science managers, systematic recruitment of talents, established trainings and career paths as well as reliable advancement and career opportunities.

The network connects those who have devoted their careers to science management. In adherence to the principle of “learning by networking”, it provides a platform for the exchange of ideas between science managers, newcomers and executives alike. The network is participatory in nature; together, we facilitate the organization of science managers. Since its foundation in 2011, the scope of offers and opportunities has continually expanded.

Working Group: Annual Convention
Since 2011, the network has been inviting science managers to a large convention once a year. With this annual gathering, we aim to make a contribution towards heightening the visibility and furthering the development of science management as an occupational field, in addition to further advancing the occupational identity of the profession.

Working Group: Study programs and teaching
As a forum for the above mentioned areas, the working group focuses on questions relating to the strategic incorporation of study programs at the faculty level, the structural composition of curricula, the securing of necessary resources, and quality control. The working group regularly organizes topic-oriented meetings of its members at German, Austrian and Swiss higher education institutions.

Working group: International Science Management
While the network is involved with the German scientific community, it also looks beyond the country’s borders. The working group contributes to this by taking up the cross-cutting topic of “internationalization” on the one hand, and focusing on scientific policies and scientific systems in European countries on the other. Within this context, the group co-operates with a number of European expert networks that fulfil a similar role in their respective countries.

Working group: Political Communication
The group’s main focus is on the communication, representation, and perception of science policy developments. It deals with the contents and forms of policy framing in the media relating to science management. And, it engages in topic-oriented exchange of ideas with the relevant actors in politics, society, and the media.

Science Management Network
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